Stop, drop, and roll into Firehouse Today!

Host Your Peoria, IL Fundraiser

Firehouse Pizza works with area organizations to raise money. Our program is very simple. Fundraiser nights are held on Monday or Tuesday evenings. You spread the word and then bring your family and friends. Let us do all the cooking and cleaning…you just sit back and enjoy! Firehouse Pizza will donate 10% of ALL sales to your organization.

Fundraiser Nights:

  • Event must be on a Monday or Tuesday
  • Event may not be on a holiday.
  • Event must be scheduled at least 30 days in advance.
  • Event is valid on full price Menu items (no discounts or coupons accepted that night)
  • A group is limited to one fundraiser event per 6 months.

What we do:

  • We reserve your date.
  • We do all the cooking and cleaning!
  • We write you a check for 10% of ALL the sales for the night. Dine-in and carryout orders all go toward the total sales.

What you do:

  • You contact the manager of the location where you would like to hold the event.
  • You pass out your fliers to all potential supporters.
  • You promote your event - email friends and family, put up posters, post it on your Facebook page or Twitter, and get your supporters excited.
  • You make sure all your supporters are reminded to attend your date.
  • You pick up your check the following day!

Hints for a successful event:

  • Get the fliers in the hands of supporters that will come.
  • Pass them out at meetings, services & parties.
  • Remind your organization as often as possible.
  • Put the date on your organization calendar.
  • Have each member take fliers to pass out to supporters.
  • Develop a phone tree to remind supporters the day before.
  • If holding a school fundraiser, ask teachers to offer “extra credit” if they bring in a receipt from Firehouse, showing they helped out the fundraiser.